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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My chickens drive me insane!

     Okay, so here's how it goes.  For the past whatever many years that I've had chickens, in the winter I have had to supliment their free-running feeding with crack corn and mash to keep them happy.  And they are.  The price of this suppliment has increased greatly to around $12 for 50 pounds.  So my hens are giving us six eggs a day.  I've pickled and frozen them but that's still way more than we'd eat in a month of Sundays.  So I found some buyers for great eggs from happy, free-running, sometimes supplimented chickens which should at least cover the cost of the extra feed.  I sell thenm for $1 a dozen - way less that the gorcedy store sells their eggs from not so happy chickens.  But sure enough.  I get buyers sell eggs for two weeks and now the hens get broody.  Now they just want to sit on their eggs.  Well, I wasn't born yesterday and I could see that one coming up Sixth Avenue.
     I'll mark one or two eggs with a magic marker and let the hens sit and hatch those but will snatch any other newbies from the nest.

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